As I choose the various sources and companies that will provide my construction/decoration supplies, I’ll list them here. Hoping, of course, that they will be helpful for future DIY-ers who like what I’ve done. šŸ™‚

  • Tiny House Design: Can’t say enough good things about Michael Janzen and his site over at THD. He continues to create some great designs for free or almost free, making tiny houses totally accessible to all. He’s also fantastic with web communication in every way. He has some invaluable tools on his site, like a tutorial series on how to make your own plans using Google SketchUp, tiny house FAQs and links to other useful sites. And he’s been generous enough to pass a bunch of his time modifying some plans to create a tiny house exactly as I envisioned it! Thank you so much Michael!
  • Fayette Trailers: They sell PJ Trailers exclusively. PJ is one of the biggest trailer manufacturers in the country, based out of Texas. Wendall, one of their salesmen, has been incredibly helpful, patient, and flexible. Anyone who can gracefully handle my dozens of detailed questions and offer suggestions deserves recommendation. I purchased PJ’s 7×18′ C5 Car Hauler with 5,200 lb. axles, flat deck with no ramps or front bumper, with aluminum fenders. It comes standard with LED lights and powder-coated finish.

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