I’ve got a plan!

It’s somewhat rare to hear or read me saying/writing those words. 🙂

Michael at Tiny House Design completed these plans for me as speedily as even I could imagine, he’s been truly amazing. Some back-and-forth emailing and a couple modifications, but the whole thing happened in less than a week’s time, I think. It’s been a whirlwind! It is so hard for me to commit to anything… but if I’m going to build a house, I need to commit to a plan, and this is it!

It will look a bit different from the pictures below, but this is what it will be like structurally. FYI if you like the design of this house, Michael is going to be offering the plans at Tiny House Design for anyone to download. Only difference will be that he will use a standard-sized door, raising the loft line by 6 inches. I’m planning on using corrugated metal roofing as I like the old-thyme look/feel of it…. For the siding, I’ll probably use board & batten, but am still on the fence about whether or not I will use a natural stain over the cedar or paint it. Initially I thought the metal roof with turquoise-trimmed windows and a natural wood siding would look beautiful and kind of reminds me of the Southwestern structures I love so dearly. But I have seen some nice tiny houses with painted siding that have really impressed me, giving the whole house a cohesive look. So TBC. A big inspiration to me that I’ve been keeping in mind, although it’s totally different from a tiny house on wheels:

Also the front and front right windows will be awning or picture style, so without a line in the middle (single hung). The door is a bit smaller than standard, to allow for a roomier loft line. The only modifications I need to make from Michael’s plans will be to replace 2×4 floor framing with 2×6 and expanding the sleeping loft from 82.5 inches in length to somewhere around 88 or 96, haven’t decided. Just little details!

Such a relief. And a scary commitment at the same time. Paradoxes all over the place in this process! My sister says I will never be satisfied with a single design because I’m the ultimate perfectionist. I’m a work in progress, but so true; Part of what motivated me for this project in the first place was to practice stopping sitting on my bum thinking about/pondering things, to get up and DO/create/be decisive without weighing all of the options in an endless stream of indecision. That is such a stretch at times, and something I am constantly confronted by and working with. I could seemingly pass a lot longer than is healthy in this planning phase. But at a certain point one has to just choose something – anything – and do it. It might not be perfect and I suppose in a worst-case scenario, it might not even be likable, but being an experiential learner, I must try it to know! I keep telling myself in the back of my mind, “I don’t have to marry this tiny house forever”. (“This” not being this particular design, but “this” meaning whatever house I am about to start building, my first house, whatever house comes out of it.) Spoken like a true perfectionistic commitmentphobe, huh!

Well, at least it’s funny. 🙂

Perhaps if you are a particularly analytic lass/lad, after reading the above sentences you will have gathered that I am single.

Now that’s funny.


So I’m marrying this plan, this house, at least long enough to build it. Then we’ll see about a divorce.

Without further ado, the plans:



5 thoughts on “I’ve got a plan!

  1. Props to you, Pix, for engaging with and preparing to marry this design! Pull on your eastern philosophy to realize this is a process as everything is. Each day that you build your house have faith you will make decisions that you will like that will lead you to love your house. At the same time, it is an object and may not be perfect. After years of battling with making my letters perfect in calligraphy, a wise teacher told a class that the lettering we do today is just a snapshot of where we are today. And that if we are to go back next month to do it again, we will most likely do it differently. Embrace the snapshot of where you are today on your journey. It will all come together. In the end the things you would do differently don’t matter in the big picture. You may or may not have the opportunity to do them over, but you will still love your tiny house in the meantime. You will love it as you love your imperfect friends and family, with all their quirks. I know some people up here in Maine who sailed around the world for a year and are now building a house. It will have no closets. They learned how to live with just about nothing while sailing, and want to continue that. Being on the opposite end of that scale, I admire you & them & others like them for what you are doing. Keep going.

  2. I love it Mama! And looks big enough for me to sleep on the floor…that was my biggest concern. 🙂 I really really love it. So happy and proud and loving you! One more week of school…yaaay…then let’s talk summer plans. XOXOXXO,


  3. I wish you a lifetime (and by lifetime I mean any period of time used to describe a time in life) of happiness with your new spouse! Seriously though. Looks good. I like that you are going with such an open floorplan. I think you will be quite happy.

    • Thanks Ethan! Well, not sure on an exact date, but likely I’ll start building between May 7 – 15, working around a backpacking trip. I’m not rushing the start date…

      I’m eagerly awaiting your build and keep checking your blog! 🙂

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