Fabric/Lumber Parallels

On second thought, I'm going to change my whole plan and separate the squares by cream-colored fabric, creating twice the work for myself. šŸ˜‰

After writing an entire post I was quite happy with on my iPhone, the WordPress app malfunctioned when I tried to add pictures, and erased the whole thing. Well, I guess now I know it has to be saved manually, unlike the computer version. šŸ˜›

Well, here’s the gist: It’s a new year, my Saturn Return is passing, and I’ve come into 2012 with a tremendous enthusiasm for the present and what’s to come. One of my first items on the agenda was sewing a skirt for my friend Marta that I was inspired to make while meditating a year ago. It just took me until now to really get up the force to do it. So check. As I was working on that, I started to get inspired for another project, and thought it would be a great idea to finally make a quilt, which I’ve never done. Which is hard to believe, since a number of years ago I ran my own custom clothing business (during my ultra-hippie days – now I’m just a moderate ;)) and in my creations I utilized a number of techniques overlapping into quilting, like applique and embroidery.

A number of factors convened at this juncture to get me to dip into the quilter’s pool: For one, the yards of beautiful but long-idling piles of fabric in our basement. Also, once I get sewing, the momentum generates the energy necessary to take on a big project like this, and I was moved particularly by a kick inside that made me disgusted at the thought of spending as much time as is normal in front of a screen (iPhone/computer/TV). Ā Perhaps most important is my tiny house looming ever closer on the horizon – and it seems fitting that I start thinking about the trimmings that will make my house feel like a home. Like a quilt! As per usual, once I committed internally to the idea, I ran off in that direction without a formal pattern or plan besides the vision in my mind. Ā Which tends to be surprisingly well-aimed.

Intellectually, I’m getting the hunch that quilting is actually quite akin to DIY house-building… just with different materials. Both require some basic math, a physical plan, and a vision. An investment in new materials -however basic – are a necessity (batting/lumber). Both require a staunch commitment, even in the face of just as easily failing. To do both, one has to learn from mistakes, troubleshoot, and be plodding enough to make many little steps equal one big completion, but fluid enough to adapt to the curve balls inevitable in a long, multi-phase creative project (such as a new design inspiration well into the project – see the magazine pic to the left) .

Besides this wonderful endeavor, my tiny house planning is taking a backseat to work and preparation for my one-monthĀ meditationĀ course beginning at the end of this month. After I come back from that in the end of February, I’ll really start to dial in the interior layout plan, start buying used supplies (windows and a trailer, I hope?) and figuring out where/when I’m ordering the lumber, siding, roofing, and insulation so that it will all be ready when Rob gets here to help me start in May.

I hope you’re all having an exquisite start to this fresh new year. Never forget: You are here to make the world more beautiful.


Every craft has its tools...


One of the first - and longest - steps: cutting!


Where the magic happens. Machines let (or make?) us live fast-paced lives


2 thoughts on “Fabric/Lumber Parallels

  1. Quilting, an appropriate transition for the patchwork Mama! Excited to see the tiny house take hold. I have friends up here in VT with a tiny house. You should come visit!

  2. Hey Hil! Yeah, I should visit… quite a few VT tiny houses springing up. I’ve been in contact with this guy Ethan who is building one around the same time as me, I think he’s in Burlington?

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